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Backed by a scientific approach to the development of practical and innovative health solutions, Genes Biotech Pty Ltd is an Australian company with a singular mission. We want to ignite change in how people around the world see the extension of health span.

What do we understand today about extending the human health span? Is this even possible? Researches show that it is simply not enough to focus on extending life span to its limit. Health also involves the extension of your health span which is the period of life spent in good health, free from chronic diseases and the disabilities associated with aging.

We believe that research and biotechnology have significant roles to play in developing relevant and appropriate health solutions that bring massive improvement to our lives and you are able to take control of your health and lifestyle through more informed decisions around health, nutrition, and life style. That is what drives us forward.

Genes Biotech Pty Ltd was formerly known as Horeca (Aus) Pty Ltd in 2012, a food ingredients company. Our initial growth was spearheaded by the distribution of a range of specialty food ingredients for commercial and industrial markets. [y1] But what began as a food ingredients company has since transformed into a venture in health innovation instead. This was marked by our new direction and change of name to Genes Biotech (Aus) Pty Ltd in October 2018.

Our research indicates that, across many countries, there is a strong and consistent demand for anti-aging products. Our collaboration with high calibre researchers has enabled us to identify key ingredients in the formulation of a range of anti-aging products. We have developed a comprehensive range that integrates premium-quality supplements, health foods, and nutrition monitoring methods. These support healthy cellular metabolism and physiological function.

Research & Development
Advisory Team

Our dynamic team comprises research and development professionals with extensive experience in pharmaceutical science research, health professionals and nutritionists.

Our Commitments
Supported by the most current scientific research and evidence, Tree65 is committed to develop innovative nutritional supplements and health foods.
Our Mission and Vision

Genes Biotech believes in taking a scientific approach to translate the promise of research and biotechnology into practical health solutions.

Our mission is to ignite change in how people around the world see the extension of health span. We aim to empower every person to actively restore health and take control of their lifestyle.

Our brand name, Tree65, was developed around our mission to deliver innovative products that provide protection and life enhancement for you 365 days a year.

Innovative Solutions

Using a fresh approach to life enhancement technologies, Genes Biotech developed a robust scientific platform with stringent quality control, precision and high efficiency.

Each stage of clinical development was reviewed closely by our R&D team to ensure adherence to the fundamental of research and manufacturing principles. Our R and D team ensures adherence to the fundamental of research and good manufacturing practice at each stage of product development.

We strive for constant innovation to meet global market demand in life enhancement technologies. We aim to integrate research based findings into our product development to deliver high performance health solutions to extend health span.

Quality Ingredients
All of our ingredients are chosen on the basis of quality and purity so that you can be assured of the highest levels of nutritional potency and the best value for your dollar.

Tree65 is also committed to protecting the environment through the use of recyclable HDPE (High-density polyethylene) bottles and packaging at every opportunity.

Our Certifications
We maintain strict enforcement of all regulatory guidelines and our certificates include: Australian Made, GMP Licence, Laboratories Tested, cGMP Quality, Mercury Tested and TGA certification.
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